MattNavarreMatt began his database career in 1983, has worked with FileMaker since the beginning, and has successfully built large applications in several industries. He cares about one thing above all else for FileMaker solutions: Adoption. He works toward this goal by aligning design, data modeling, solid business logic, user acceptance, and fiscal efficiency.

In 1989, Matt founded the consulting company MSN Media. In 1995, he authored LitPlan for OCP Publications, and sold thousands of copies. In 1999, he co-founded Pre1 Software, where he grew SmartPublisher into a successful commercial product for the publishing industry. In 2008 he created Orpheus, a public health reporting tool designed to efficiently track and stop the spread of disease, deployed in every county of Oregon.

Matt has a FileMaker Excellence award for top sales of FileMaker licenses, and an FBA award for FileMaker Evangelist of the Year in 2011. He speaks regularly at DevCon, hosts the FileMaker Talk podcast and runs the FileMaker developer group in Portland.


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