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FileMaker JSON and Multiple Script Parameters

Learn the new standard for passing FileMaker script parameters!

Tuesday, January 23rd | 2:00 pm ET

On Tuesday, January 23rd at 2pm ET, Rohit Roy from IT Solutions presents FileMaker JSON and Multiple Script Parameters.

Short for Javascript Object Notation, JSON has quickly become a web standard. Since FileMaker 16 gave us new functions to easily implement JSON into our code, many developers are switching to JSON as a native method to support multiple script parameters. In the first half of this webinar, we will cover the basics of JSON and the new FileMaker JSON functions. In the second half, we will learn how to use JSON to pass multiple script parameters without plugins or custom functions!

If you missed this webinar, would like to review or share it with a friend, you can access the live recording and demo file in the Past Webinars section. 


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