Thank you to everyone who attended the event, “Becoming Middle-Brained with FileMaker 14” on June 16th, presented by Beth Latta of IT Solutions.

In case you missed this live session, would like to re-watch or share this webinar content with a colleague, the recording can be found at the bottom of this post and on FM Academy’s youtube page.

Here’s a recap of the Q&A from this session – this includes questions answered on the webinar and ones we could not get to due to time constraints:

Q:  Any issues with backwards compatibility?  How do the button bars format if using FM 13?


Q:  How do previous client versions deal with new features (ie button bars, navigation parts, etc?) Do you need double layouts for various versions?

A:  If a FileMaker 13 (or 12) client opens a file that uses the new features of 14, such as button bars, the newer features will not appear or may be blocked out by an X.  If the FileMaker 14 file has not used any new features, a 12 or 13 client should be able to access it normally.  Best practice would be to only begin using the newest features when your clients are able to be upgraded as well.  If you want to use new features, you can test for version when the user logs in and force earlier versions to exit.

Q:  What about the Favorites category of script step?


Q:  I added some script steps into the Favorites section, but it seems I cannot sort them alphabetically within the Favorites section.

A:  Favorites are toggled on and off by the user and appear at the top right side of the Script Workspace in the Steps area.  They are displayed in creation order and cannot be re-ordered.  If you want a specific order, remove all your favorites and re-select them in the order you want them to appear.  To learn more, here is a link to the Overview of Script Workspace in FileMaker Pro –

Q:  Have you already deployed Version 14 with customers?  If yes, are there any things to be aware of… ? Server Stability?  Etc…

A:  There is no “conversion” process with this release since .fmp12 is still the file extension.  The most important thing to check before upgrading is whether or not the devices that will use your solution meet (and preferably exceed) the minimum system requirements for that device.

Q:  Can you search for a script step within the editing (middle) window?

A:  No.  If you are using FMP Advanced, you can create a Database Design Report (DDR) and search through there.  To suggest this ability in a future version of FileMaker:

Q:  I used to mark a script script with the red break arrow when I needed to find it quickly when debugging. Any way to visually do the same in FM14?

A:  Click on the line number.  The number will highlight to indicate the script break.  Click on a highlighted line number to remove a break.

Q:  Is there any way to “zoom” the Script Workspace window or font size? It can be very difficult to read with such a small font.

A:  There is no zoom within FileMaker specifically for the Script Workspace.  You could change your monitor resolution or use Accessibility tools available with your operating system

Q:  In a vertical Button Bar, how can you align icons “somewhat centered” and have the text follow to the right.  Centered aligns icons PLUS text.  In other words, when the text labels are different lengths, the alignment is not ideal.

A:  Align the contents of the button segments to the Left and increase the Left and Right Padding on the Appearance tab in the Inspector.

Q:  In version 14, can you duplicate a table as is done in previous versions 12 and 13?

A:  Yes, as long as you are using FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced, you can Copy and Paste tables.  If you are only using FileMaker Pro the Copy and Paste buttons will be grayed out.

Q:  I bought a license and got FileMaker Advanced 13 Offers Two buying one, if I upgrade one, would be updated for the two?

A:  I don’t have a definitive answer but I suspect you will need to purchase 2 upgrades.  I would confirm with FileMaker Inc. by contacting them.  FileMaker Customer Support can be reached at the following numbers: U.S. & Canada: +1 800-325-2747  or  Outside of North America: +1 408-727-8227

Q:  Any changes to the Custom Function window / functionality?

A:  There are no announced changes to the Custom Function window in FM 14.

Q:  Why in the Script Workspace the Set Field script only colors the first Table::Field instance and not the second one?

A:  The script color is applied to the table::field that is identified in the “Specify target field” portion of a script step.  A table::field will not be colored if it is in the “Calculated result” area of the step.

Q:  Script step coloring.  Do the colors apply only to YOUR local system or if you’re pointed at the Server, are they available to all Server users?

A:  Coloring is specific to your local copy of FileMaker Pro.  Coloring is not file specific.

Q:  Is the Grab Bag file available now?


Q:  What’s the difference between button bar with single button and regular button?

A:  The regular button does not have the ability to add segments if you decide later to use them.

Q:  Can you show us how to open the Button Inspector and all the Images are pre-defined to put on a label or we can add more from outside.

A:  In Layout mode, double-click on a Button Bar (or right-click and choose Button Bar Setup) to open the window.  If no icons are showing in the middle of the window, select a label style that includes an icon and the scrollable box of choices will appear.  Use the Plus sign button to the bottom left of the icons to add your own.

Q:  Where will script master show the custom functions to select from?\

A:  When you are in a Specify Calculation dialog box, there will be a bar chart icon to the right of the Search box above the list of Steps on the right.  That icon allows you to filter your options.

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