Sameer Khan, of Anvil Dataworks, hosted FM Academy’s seventh webinar in the 12 Days of FileMaker 12 series, on May 1. The Topic – Design Surface Behavior Changes:

As files are converted to the new version of FileMaker, we will notice changes to the layout appearance.  Objects will use the default themes of a layout, or that rounded or gradient themes options are already applied.  In the webinar we looked at the new applied theme control, default themes, and the new assistance tools.

Some of the behavior changes reviewed:

  • Pixels to Points, a change in base measurement
  • Options no longer available (such as Patterns and Effects)
  • New Grid Control
  • Guides, custom and dynamic

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the presentation below. Continue to follow us through the 12 Days of FileMaker 12, and make sure to check out the FM Academy YouTube Channel.


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